Lakeside Day Boat Hire Athlone

2024 UPDATE!! Our boats are currently undergoing maintenance and we are unsure when we will be back up & running for the 2024 Season. We will update here first when our boats are back in the water.

Phone us now to book in : 087 3505250

Full Days hire on Lough Ree Inner Lakes (10am-6pm)

Here is some information regarding our boats below :

17ft Boat (4 people maximum) ideal for fishing

Daily Rate -€ 110

20ft Short Cabin (6 people maximum)

Daily Rate – €150

20ft Long Cabin (6 people maximum)

Daily Rate – €160

25ft Comfort Celtic Spirit (8 people maximum)

Daily Rate –  €200

A Full Day hire is from 10am-6pm. 

No booking is secure or complete without a booking deposit which is 50% of your booking fee. To pay your booking deposit you can do so by following this link – . PLEASE CALL & CHECK AVAILABILITY FIRST BEFORE PAYING ANY DEPOSIT!!

* Lakeside Day Boat Hire reserves the right to cancel or restrict hirers sailing on a certain day due to unfavourable weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Please read Lakeside Dayboat Hire Rules & Regulations below:

We supply lifejackets, navigation maps & full briefing on the boats & lake.

Come to Lakeside Day Boat Hire and enjoy a full day exploring the natural beauty and wildlife on the mystical River Shannon and Lough Ree Inner Lakes.

For any of our day visitors that wish to avail of our services we offer our boats for full day hire. You don’t need prior experience or a license to hire out our boats.

Fully comprehensive tuition will be provided on your arrival to hire a boat. You will be given a boat to suit your needs whether you are a couple or a large group, fishing or exploring!

Included in the boat hire are: Buoyancy Aids | Navigation Charts | Tuition | VAT

The stunning inner lakes of Lough Ree

Where you can explore

Lough Ree Inner Lakes has lots of amenities along the River such as Glasson Lakehouse, Wineport Lodge & Coosan Point. All easily accessible by our boats.

The meaning of the name it has been given is unclear, but it is believed that it could be one of 2 things. It could mean the lake of the great plain, making reference to its location in the midlands plain, or the belief that it comes from the meaning the lake of the Kings.

This Lough, known to be highly mystical, is studded with Islands, and is believed to be a place of great myth and legend. Spirits of the High Kings, ghosts of fallen warriors and the presence of ancient monks are spoken to be gazing through the mists. And there is even talk of a lake monster!